Now the time is right to experiment with mobile film formats.
Moment Lens Company made it possible for us to shoot our first short film “Voice” on phone and with anamorphic lens.

Apart from its technical side, a production of multi-genre film under a very limited running time – just 2 min 37 sec –  makes it so special. The script is based on a story being told by the main protagonist. Nothing special about it. But what stands out is the fact that the main protagonist is mute and communicates only by means of tape voice recorder. This gadget looks very vintage in the era of high-tech and more convenient digital technologies.

Thus, one question arises — why, of all means, he choses to communicate this way? Also one has to admit really good acting by Oleksandr Ivanov who managed to transmit the director's vision in the most organic way.

The film has already embarked on its international festival screenings.​ Without further ado  - watch it! The film description can't read longer than the screenplay itself!

Director: Orest Smylanets
Cast: Alexander Ivanov
short, drama, experimental
ENG + UKR subs
Year of production: 2019
Ukraine, Kyiv