On November 4, 2018 the winners in “Poster” category were announced at a two-day Social Rave workshop held as a part of Molodiya Festival. Two winning artworks were made by #orestfilm i.e. “PAKETAM – TORBA!” and “The Carpathian Mountains”. Starting from January, 2019 Molodiya Festival and filmmaking workshop joined efforts to co-launch media projects of social value with the “PAKETAM TORBA” opening our co-production portfolio. A multi-use tote bag is a creative warning sign for plastic bags. Plastic bags OUT! Tote bags IN!


If you go on a trip to the Carpathian Mountains and take a closer look at the mountains, you may well-spot that the landscape and this hairstyle do have things in common. The burning issue of deforestation and forestry sales, when forests are such an essential link within Ukrainian ecosystem, has come too far and its fatal impact may be inevitable. The present situation should have a better international exposure. 


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Order this artwork here. Choose either a poster or a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt. By doing so, you do not only show your support to #orestfilm but also raise awareness of how important and vulnerable the forestry is: