On October 15, 2018 CineSpace announced the finalists for NASA-run short-film competition together with Houston Cinema Arts Festival.

The admission criteria was to submit an original film up to 10 min where individual footage was combined with NASA archival shots. Among more than 100 filmmaking crews from over 50 countries across the globe the films that made it to the final round included six films from the USA, two from Italy with one from Mexico, Ireland, Albania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine.


With our “SLEEP” short film Ukraine was represented at the competition finals for the first time.


The shortlisted films premiered on November 10 in Houston (Texas).
The director Richard Linklater (two-time Oscars nominee and two-time Berlinale Film Festival awardee) selected the winners in CineSpace film competition.

Our “SLEEP” won the Best Film in a special film nomination Film Best Depicting the Concept of "Moon, Mars, and Beyond".


Director: Orest Smylanets
Cast: Ksenia Smylanets
short, experimental
UKR + ENG subs
Premiere: 10th Houston Cinema Arts Festival
Year of production: 2018
Ukraine, Kyiv