Max and I rented an apartment together back in 2011-2012.

And that time neither of us could have thought of making a movie together about heart transplant Max had had in 2016.


The film dispels the most widely believed myths how heart transplant may impact your life. Actually, Max plays down all those misconceptions and 'scary stories'.


And even after a heart transplant you can live your life to the fullest. Even though our mini movie has been made mostly out of Max's personal footage, it did not hinder in any way for the movie to be shortlisted to TOYOTA-run “Vyklyk” Film Competition.


It is a very powerful story. It really is. Today Maksym Grekov intends to make a documentary feature. Road movie will be a film genre –  meeting up people from all over the globe who had a heart transplant and see them sharing their stories.


Director: Orest Smylanets

Cast: Max Grekov

short, documentary

UKR + ENG subs

Year of production: 2019

Ukraine, Kyiv